Helping You Through Your Life Journey

Counselling is a collaborative and confidential process which can help you discover your strengths and personal resources while facing a range of issues like anxiety, self-esteem, trauma history, identity, relationships, communication and grief.

During the counselling process I will listen to you and I will support you with respect, care and compassion to help you to navigate through your own journey in order to find together your unique solutions, promote change and discover your true Self.

My counselling approach is integrated and personalized in order to empower the uniqueness of every individual and to address the specific issues presented by each client.

My approach is Trauma Informed and includes, among others, Person-Centered Counselling, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness, CBT, Solution-Focused Therapy, Psychoeducation and Gestalt therapy.

Helping you through your life journey

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Anxiety is endemic to the human condition. It can be triggered by internal processes, such as worrying and overthinking, external circumstances or past and present trauma. Often the way we interpret events, rather than just the events themselves, can be anxiety inducing.

If you are experiencing excessive worries or if something overwhelming is happening or has happened in your life, counselling can help you to manage anxiety by exploring the origin and the causes of anxiety, while providing you with strategies to help you to manage it.  

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Depression is a debilitating condition that can cause you to feel hopeless, sad and not able to enjoy life. Depression can be triggered by internal processes, such as negative self-talk, external circumstances or past and present trauma. When experiencing depression, a person typically feels overwhelmed by life and one’s experience becomes coloured by negative thinking and feelings.  

If you are experiencing depression, counselling can help you to manage your thoughts and emotional state by supporting you in a caring and compassionate way, while exploring the origin of depression and providing you with strategies to regain your wellbeing.

Relationships & Communication
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Relationships are an essential part of our lives and wellbeing. When key relationships become disrupted, it can be a significant source of distress impacting one’s mental health. Effective communication and conflict management skills, as well as understanding one’s attachment style, are essential ingredients in order to create functional and fulfilling relationships.

If you need to improve your relationships with family members, friends, work colleagues, partners or even with yourself, counselling can help you to understand your psychological features that may contribute to create difficulties in your relationship.

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Empower the uniqueness of the individual

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Past or recent trauma can profoundly disrupt our lives and have long lasting and serious repercussion on our psychological wellbeing, sense of Self and relationships. Complex trauma can cause changes in the way our mind and brain work and therefore the way we interpret and respond to life's events. In the case of trauma, the healing journey can be long and painful and trauma survivors usually need professional help to overcome and process a traumatic past or a recent traumatic event.

If you are a survivor of trauma, counselling can play an important role in understanding how past traumas can live on in the present and assist in deactivating typical flight, fight or freeze responses.

Identity & Self-esteem
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There are many reasons why our sense of identity and self-esteem can be hard to pin down and understand.  Among others, a disruption of natural human development, trauma, abuse, racism, social isolation can all cause issues with self-esteem and identity.

Counselling can help to define and understand where and why our identity and self-esteem may feel fragile with a view to building a more resilient and empowered sense of Self.

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The death of a close person, life changes and transitions, the loss of a relationship, the loss of identity or role can trigger grief and emergence of feelings such as despair, sadness, loneliness, pain or depression. When you find yourself unable to cope with these intense feelings counselling can help you to navigate through the grief process so that losses do not lead to unhealthy solutions.

Life transitions
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During our life we experience many changes and transitions. Transition can be painful or positive. Being able to locate personal meaning in life transitions is an important psychological skill and perspective to develop. Counselling can assist in making meaning and a sense of purpose out of the many transitions that life can challenge us with.