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The meaning of “crisis” and how to face critical moments in life.

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Introductory note:

the reflections below do not apply to extreme moments of crisis where your life or others people lives may be in immediate danger or where you may require immediate intervention. These reflections apply to situations where you are still in control of the possible outcomes related to your decisions and behaviors.

If you are in crisis, please go to the session of the website “Crisis Support” for emergency contacts.

It is normal to associate to the word “crisis” with suffering, indecision, trouble and pain. But let’s have a look at the origin of the word “crisis”. Very interestingly the word “crisis” comes from ancient Greek and originally means decision, choice, judgment.

If we consider the original meaning of this word, I believe that we could change our perspective and make a better use of moments of “crisis” in our life. After all, words influence thoughts and thoughts influence behaviors.

If we decide to see a moment of crisis as an opportunity to make better choices and decisions in our life, we will use a critical moment to our advantage and hopefully to the advantage of the people around us and we won’t be affected negatively by it or at least just partially.

For example, we could experience a moment of crisis because we do not feel satisfied with our job and therefore, we would feel unfulfilled and unhappy. It is completely normal to experience those feelings in a situation like that, but it is also true that if we use this time of crisis to judge, decide and choose what would be better for us instead of remain in a boring job we would certainly made a good use of this moment of crisis and we would “use” the crisis to grow personally end professionally.

Similarly, if we find ourselves unhappy in our current marriage, we could use this moment to judge, decide and choose what is better for us and the people involved, instead of remaining in a situation that causes pain and dissatisfaction. We could decide to stay or leave the relationship after attentive examination. Once again, we used a moment of crisis not to remain stuck in unhappiness, but to judge and decide the better course of actions, aiming for a more fulfilling life.

If you need help in transforming critical moments in your life to enable you to growth and therefore enjoy a more fulfilled life,

Get in touch.

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